Is your website doing its best for you?

Starting new or renovating:  You don't have to do it all yourself.


Bits & Pages - writing and editing for print and web

It's your story - but are you the best person to tell it?  

Your attention belongs on the core of your business, on the essentials that only you can handle. Anything else, you can delegate. 

Building from the ground up

Creating a new website? Someone has to write it. Maybe your designer is also a writer. But maybe not. Or maybe you are creating your website yourself  from a template, and you want to make sure you stand out. 

Or renovating to meet your needs 

Is your website doing what you want it to? Does it reflect who you are now? Or is it just out of date?

What if:

  • You like to write, so you write it yourself. You might still want an outside review to ensure you mean what you say, and say what you mean.
  • You like to talk about your business, but a blank screen just shuts down your mind.
  • You just plain hate to write.
  • You have NO TIME! But you know you need to get the website up and running.

Save yourself for what you do best: your business.

I can: 

  • Research and write from your ideas 
  • Revise, edit, and organize your writing to ensure you're saying what you really want to say 
  • Check grammar, spelling, and meaning 
  • Organize and lay out your pages so your audience sees what you want them to see

When you know you need to do it but you just aren't getting around to it... Hire help!

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Bits & Pages
Davenport, IA 52806

About Bits & Pages

Many bits make up a page.

Bits & Pages grew out of a love of words and all that you can do with words. 

Your writing should say exactly what you mean — but it should also be down-to-earth when you need blunt instruction or sing when you need inspiration. Finding the right words and putting them together to create the entire picture on the page is a challenge both practical and artistic. Putting together a publication is its own brand of puzzle: the pieces have to be in the correct logical order, the content has to fit on the pages, and you have to end up with the correct number of pages.

 I've written and edited everything from one line summaries of bios for a ballot to a Ph.D. dissertation. The space in between includes articles, speeches, presentations, reports, fliers, brochures, directories, auction materials of all kinds, both print newsletters and e-newsletters, and website copy. 

Contact me to find out what I can do to make your work easier.