Keep in touch with your customers and clients 

and keep them coming back.

Reach out regularly.  And you don't have to do it all yourself.


Bits & Pages - writing and editing for print and web

You've made contact - now keep in touch

You've made the contact. You have the customer. How do you stay in their mind? By giving them a reason to remember you and a reason to come back to your website. Send out a newsletter - short and sweet - just something interesting they'll like to read. Put up a regular blog post they'll come to expect - and increase your rating with search engines at the same time by adding new content to your website.

It takes too much time? Just falls by the wayside because you can't keep it up? You don't have to do it all yourself.

How can I help make your work easier? By connecting  you through  

  • Newsletters — print and electronic. A newsletter is a great way to establish your value to your customers and keep them thinking of you. And email is still the most effective way to reach your customers.  But writing and publishing a newsletter or e-newsletter every month — or every two weeks — takes time and effort you don't have. That's where I come in.
  • Blog Posts — Make your blog regular and interesting. It doesn't need to be long — it usually shouldn't be long, just enough to be useful and keep your readers coming back for more. I'll work with you to find the right topics and the right content. 
  • Articles
  • Presentations 
  • Reports 
  • Website Updates — what you need when you need it 

I can: 

  • Research and write from your ideas 
  • Revise, edit, and organize your writing to ensure you're saying what you really want to say 
  • Check grammar, spelling, and meaning 
  • Organize and lay out your pages so your audience sees what you want them to see

Contact Me

Bits & Pages
Davenport, IA 52806

About Bits & Pages

Many bits make up a page.

Bits & Pages grew out of a love of words and all that you can do with words. 

Your writing should say exactly what you mean — but it should also be down-to-earth when you need blunt instruction or sing when you need inspiration. Finding the right words and putting them together to create the entire picture on the page is a challenge both practical and artistic. Putting together a publication is its own brand of puzzle: the pieces have to be in the correct logical order, the content has to fit on the pages, and you have to end up with the correct number of pages.

 I've written and edited everything from one line summaries of bios for a ballot to a Ph.D. dissertation. The space in between includes articles, speeches, presentations, reports, fliers, brochures, directories, auction materials of all kinds, both print newsletters and e-newsletters, and website copy. 

Contact me to find out what I can do to make your work easier.

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