Bits and Pages - writing, editing, and layout for print and web

Communication can get you anywhere.

What do you need to communicate?

  • Your business specialty or your latest sale?
  • Your worthy cause?
  • Your most recent data?

To whom?

  • Customers, clients, website visitors?
  • Donors, supporters, guests at your fundraiser?
  • Scholars in your field, interested laymen?

The more clearly you say what you have to say, the easier you make it for your audience to understand and the more successful you'll be.

Did you just say what you think you said?

You didn't sign up to find all the right words all the time. It's not in your sweet spot. Editing gives you a headache.

You don't have to do it all yourself.

Save your time and money. Do what you do best — tending to your business. Delegate the rest! Find out how I can help.