Auctions & Events fund your year.

Don't burn out trying to do it all yourself. Get some help.    


Bits & Pages - writing and editing for print and web

A little persuasion can go a long way. Don't let it take you a long time.

Auctions and fundraising events are a lot of work. In the midst of the stress (or the chaos), you just don't have the time, the patience, or the focus to connect with your audience and tell them persuasively why they should come, why they should donate, why they should bid.

I can help. Together, we'll present you and your cause with your best foot forward and all the reasons they should care presented in a way they will understand.

Take some stress off your plate. Put my experience to work on:  

  • Procurement letters and forms
  • Invitation letters
  • Fliers 
  • Save the Date cards and emails 
  • Auction item descriptions to entice your bidders 
  • Funded item descriptions to touch your donors 
  • Programs 
  • Thank you letters — fliers, tickets, programs, gift certificates, customized name tags, displays 
  • And all the details: gift certificates, customized name tags, displays, signs, silent auction bid sheets, ...

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Bits & Pages
Davenport, IA 52806

About Bits & Pages

Many bits make up a page.

Bits & Pages grew out of a love of words and all that you can do with words. 

Your writing should say exactly what you mean — but it should also be down-to-earth when you need blunt instruction or sing when you need inspiration. Finding the right words and putting them together to create the entire picture on the page is a challenge both practical and artistic. Putting together a publication is its own brand of puzzle: the pieces have to be in the correct logical order, the content has to fit on the pages, and you have to end up with the correct number of pages.

 I've written and edited everything from one line summaries of bios for a ballot to a Ph.D. dissertation. The space in between includes articles, speeches, presentations, reports, fliers, brochures, directories, auction materials of all kinds, both print newsletters and e-newsletters, and website copy. 

Contact me to find out what I can do to make your work easier.

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